HIW Writing Lab

Welcome to the Writing Lab, where the HIW helps students write philosophy in English.

Whether you have a basic outline or a polished draft, our writing tutors are available to meet and discuss your writing in a collaborative and forward-thinking way. So we invite you to browse this page, and then to contact us at writinglab.hiw@kuleuven.be

What the writing tutors do

HIW writing tutors can help you free of charge at any stage of the writing process: from outlining a presentation to finalizing a thesis, from clarifying a question to developing a conclusion. Feel free to make an appointment if you would like to discuss your

  • Oral Presentation
  • Term Paper
  • Thesis Proposal
  • Thesis
  • Citations and Bibliography
  • Personal Statement
  • CV or Resumé

What the writing tutors don’t do

While every session at the Writing Lab is tailored to individual students and their writing projects, our tutors

  • Never Give Marks.
    Your professor, and only your professor, will decide how well a piece of writing satisfies an assignment. We may want to discuss the nature of your assignment, but cannot even speculate when it comes to your “marks.”
  • Never Proofread.
    Our sessions are collaborative, and have the long-term goal of making you a more effective writer in English. While we are happy to discuss vocabulary, phrasing and so on, our primary goal is to help you engage in the process of writing philosophy in English, not just to “correct” what you have written.

Who can book a session?

Any student at the HIW can book a session at the HIW Writing Lab.

Sessions are free of charge!

How do you book a session?

To schedule an appointment, write to us at writinglab.hiw@kuleuven.be
In your email, briefly indicate

  • What sort of assignment you are working on (oral presentation, term paper, thesis, etc.)
  • What stage of writing you would like to discuss (outline, first draft, revisions, final draft)
  • A specific date and possible time(s) you are available to have a session
  • Quickly, try to give us some idea of what you would like to work on during your session (planning, vocabulary, structure, bibliography, etc.)
  • Also feel free to attach a copy of the document you are working on, although our writing tutors may be unable to review it before your session.

Sessions at the Writing Lab take place at the HIW, and last for approximately 45 minutes. Our tutors will respond to your email within 48 hours to confirm the date, time, and location for your session; it is important for you to schedule a session as soon as possible.

What should you bring to a session?

When you meet with a tutor, you should bring

  • A printed copy of your paper
  • Something to write with
  • Something to write on
  • A course description or an assignment sheet (if applicable)

Who are the HIW writing tutors?

Joel HubickJoel Hubick is a doctoral candidate at the HIW, where he received his MA and MPhil in 2011 and 2012. His office is in the HIW student secretariat (room 01.01, first floor)


Laura SmithLaura Smith is a doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Arts (KU Leuven). Her project explores the reception of Walter Benjamin in later twentieth century French philosophy. Her office is at 23 Maria-Theresiastraat, room 00.05

Lydia AzadpourLydia Azadpour is a doctoral candidate at the HIW specialising in German Idealism



Jeremy HeusleinJeremy Heuslein is currently a doctoral candidate at the HIW, where he received his MA in 2012 and MPhil in 2014