Research Centre for Phenomenology and Continental Philosophy


We provide access to and transcription of Husserl’s manuscripts, make available other items of our collections (such as Husserl’s extensive correspondence and his complete philosophical library) as well as related historical documents, and provide research support for colleagues and students working on Husserl or within the field of phenomenology more broadly.

In addition to our archival function, we are also the Research Center for Phenomenology and Continental Philosophy at the Institute of Philosophy.

If you are interested in the history of the Archives, want to take a closer look at the manuscripts, or be introduced to the spirit of Husserl’s phenomenology, we offer guided tours for visitors. You can visit the Husserl Archives in person in the President’s building of the Institute of Philosophy. In the ‘Husserlkamer’ visitors can learn about the life and work of Edmund Husserl, the suspenseful story of Pater van Breda’s rescue of Husserl’s philosophical estate, and about the history of the archives and its role in the phenomenological movement since its establishment in 1938. Husserl’s complete philosophical library is also on display in the Husserlkamer.

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Dear Colleagues, Researchers, and Visitors,

Due to the ongoing health risks associated with Corona virus SARS-COV-2, we continue to work under exceptional conditions and likely will be for the foreseeable future.

Guest researchers and visitors are, in principle, welcome once more. However, all visitors must be aware that, in accordance with KU Leuven Corona policy, we can staff neither the archives nor the building to full capacity. While a reduced number of persons are allowed in our facilities at any given time, working from home is still recommended if at all possible. Unfortunately, this means that we cannot guarantee in person and on site support of your research, or advisement on items in our collection (including manuscripts and transcriptions), but might have to support your research in a limited capacity using online solutions. This means that at this time and for the foreseeable future, we remain unable to extend to you the personal support and integration into our research community in the ways we have become accustomed to. We therefore recommend that you postpone your visit until the situation improves if you can.

However, not all research visits can be postponed, not all funds are transferable, etc., and you might have good reasons to visit us in the coming months anyway. We will then attempt to find a workable solution that still lets you use your time at the Husserl Archives in Leuven in the most effective and conducive way possible under the circumstances.

We are also continuing our general online support until the situation allows us to reopen the archives fully for you again. If you have any questions, require access to any items in our collection, or need our support in any other way, please contact us

Thank you for your understanding.


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